Jessica Berry

Beta Reader, Proofreader, Line Editor, and Copyeditor

Hi! I’m Jessica. If you are here, then you probably understand how important beta reading, proofreading, and editing are in order to make sure your message is received, rather that be a small blog post or a 600 page book. I’m here to help with that.

I’ve spent countless hours training in order to be able to spot numerous errors that you might not notice. Additionally, I enjoy working with clients in order to make sure your voice is maintained while making corrections.

I beta read, proofread, and edit for both fiction and nonfiction works. I can also assist you with blog posts and articles. Whatever your media of choice, contact me so we can get started polishing your next masterpiece!


Beta Reading, Proofreading, and Copyediting

  • Books and e-books
  • Blog posts
  • Digital media content and transcriptions
  • Online articles, magazines, and journals
  • Marketing and business communications
  • Niches: fantasy, science fiction, romance, paranormal romance, and historical romance


I am so grateful for the feedback and edits that Jessica provided. I am a first time writer and she gave me confidence with my writing material. I feel confident that she can polish any material to be precise in the point being conveyed!
Crystal Alba
Proofreading Client
We writers are landscapers. We hew and cut, plant and prune. It needs an able reader to wander through our world and help us celebrate what works well and what needs alteration. Jessica’s insightful comments have allowed me to see what flourished, and just as importantly, what needed to be altered or elaborated on, to ensure the story flowed. My work will be a stronger, more cohesive piece of writing because of her input as a beta reader. I have no hesitation in recommending her services!
Richard Barry
Beta Reading and Proofreading Client
Love what Jessica did! She was on time and wonderful with all of her suggestions and advice.
Randa Lewis
Beta Reading Client
I met Jessica in my most desperate hour when I was in the throws of publishing my first book. I had sued my first editor and was looking for someone to fill that void. Jessica came in and was professional, timely, and accurate.

Desmond Williams
Copyediting Client


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